Tahoma Engineered Solutions

Ashland, OH

Tahoma Engineered Solutions specializes in a full-range of precision machining and welded wire fabrication products.  From large to small, and ferrous to exotic, TES serves lower volume, custom applications where state of the art intersects with hand-made.  Complimenting TES product manufacturing is a process automation team specializing in customized machine design, construction and integration.  

Tahoma Rubber & Plastics, Inc.

Barberton, OH and Abbeville, SC

Tahoma Rubber and Plastics is a specialized post-industrial recycling company serving the tire industry by recycling uncured rubber, fiber filled uncured rubber compounds, and scrap poly films greatly contributing to the tire industries goal of zero waste. These materials are then processed into valuable, alternative raw materials suitable for use by a variety of industries including transportation, mining, water and sewer, industrial seals, and construction. TRP also makes custom molded rubber parts and separator poly films. TRP has operations in Barberton, Ohio and Abbeville, South Carolina. Their products are sold worldwide.

GS Industries

Bassett, VA

GSIB is an injection molder experienced with custom applications. Our press capabilities give customers the edge, because we can manufacture very large to very small parts. We manufacture and maintain inventory levels to allow for quick shipments to global customers.  Primary markets include appliance, furniture, textile, home-decor,  healthcare, construction and telecommunications.  Ever aware of the environmental impact of plastic injection molded products, GSIB aggressively recycles scrap and sprues, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and increasing the value they bring to their community and customers.