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Tahoma Enterprises

A localized approach

Strategic manufacturing insight

Guidance to take your Company to the next level

Owners of small manufacturing businesses in and around Ohio have trusted their legacy business to us since 2007.

We look for owners that are ready to sell their business and have a strong competitive value proposition.

As an investment management company we use collective pools of capital from like minded investors.  We invest in your business! 

Read more on how we can make this critical transition and transaction work for you!


We are an investment management company headquartered in Wooster, Ohio.  Our interest is in manufacturing and value added distribution in Ohio, USA or surrounding states.  We create value in any acquisition we make by focusing on stability throughout the transaction.  We believe long-term vision is the best way to create true, lasting value.


Opportunities of particular interest would be in Ohio or surrounding states, involved with manufacturing and value added distribution in the following target areas:


  • High and low volumes

  • Full spectrum of size range

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous

Metal Fabrication

  • Weldments

  • Cutting

  • Bending

  • Assembly

Rubber/ Plastic Recycling

  • Problem solving through rubber processing and blending

  • Mechanical rubber blending technology

  • Fiber dispersions in rubber

  • Rubber product compression molding

Plastic Manufacturing

  • Plastic injection molding components

  • Screen printing

  • Sonic welding

  • Hot stamping

  • Color matching

Machine Building & Process Automation

  • Design

  • Procure

  • Build

  • Coating Application Expertise

Formed Wire Products

  • Wire assemblies

  • Wire forms

  • Welded assemblies

  • Mesh and grids


Strong competitive position

Organic growth opportunities

Opportunities for operation improvement

Strong Management team with a successful track record


We started this business to save small business.  Living and working in north central Ohio we watched as business after business sold.  New owners always exclaimed “nothing will change”.  In fact, everything changed.  Once these prominent community-minded businesses were sold they often closed and were consolidated into larger corporate divisions.

We could either sit back and watch the erosion of our local family-centered businesses, or do something about it.  We decided to act.  We want to continue your legacy.  Maybe you are getting ready to retire, but don’t want to see your hard work lost forever, contact us!  Maybe you want to see the business grow, but you just cant get there on your own, contact us!


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