Tahoma Engineered Solutions Purchases Two Doosan Boring Mills

December 18, 2017

ASHLAND, Ohio — Tahoma Engineered Solutions fortified their position as a major fluid end manufacturer in the oil and gas industry with the purchase of two Doosan boring mills.

 “To keep up with the oil and gas demand in the field of fracking, we have purchased two, five-inch spindle boring mills to double our capacity for production of fluid ends,” says Tahoma Engineered Solutions Operations Manager, Brian Seman.  “With the ever-fluctuating oil and gas market, we always want to be prepared to answer our customers’ demand for fracking equipment.  These two additional machines provide us that ability.”  In addition to the oil and gas products, horizontal mills of this size can tackle weldments, castings, manifolds or custom block parts with sizes upwards of 120” in “X”, 100” in “Y” and with a table max weight upwards of 15 tons. 

Tahoma Engineered Solutions specializes in a full-range of precision machining and formed wire products.  From large to small, and ferrous to exotic, TES serves flexible volume, custom applications where state of the art intersects with hand-made.  Complimenting TES product manufacturing is a process automation team specializing in customized machine design, construction and integration.  

Tahoma Engineered Solutions is a business unit of Wooster-based Tahoma Enterprises, which is a holding company formed for the purpose of finding, acquiring, and enhancing the value of companies through stronger financial and strategic management support.