Tahoma Engineered Solutions Announces Heavy Boring 
Machine to Handle Large Pieces

June 15, 2015

ASHLAND, Ohio — Tahoma Engineered Solutions announces an outstanding solution for customers requiring large boring capacity through the procurement of a new Johnford BMC-110 horizontal boring mill.

“This state-of-the-art machine tool provides Tahoma Engineered Solutions with the ability to efficiently machine sizable pieces of work via an automatic tool changer, rotary table that can hold up to 15 tons, through-tool coolant, large capacity memory control, and a fully enclosed work area.”  This is according to Brian Seman, Operations Manager at Tahoma Engineered Solutions.  Seman continues, “Johnford delivered us the new BMC-110–which is the heaviest horizontal boring mill in its class.  It delivers outstanding rigidity and accuracy which will help our customers achieve their production goals.”

Tahoma Engineered Solutions specializes in a full-range of precision machining and formed wire products.  From large to small, and ferrous to exotic, TES serves flexible volume, custom applications where state of the art intersects with hand-made.  Complimenting TES product manufacturing is a process automation team specializing in customized machine design, construction and integration.  

Tahoma Engineered Solutions is a business unit of Wooster-based Tahoma Enterprises, which is a holding company formed for the purpose of finding, acquiring, and enhancing the value of companies through stronger financial and strategic management support.