Tahoma Engineered Solutions Announces Increased 
High-Speed Machining Capabilities

November 17, 2014

ASHLAND, Ohio — Tahoma Engineered Solutions announces increased high-speed machining capabilities with the acquisition of a new Haas DS-30 multi-spindle lathe.

According to Brian Seman, Operations Manager at Tahoma Engineered Solutions, “Our new DS-30 lathe is a live tool, dual spindle lathe with a bar-feeder for higher production jobs.  Adding another live tool, dual spindle lathe makes us more competitive by cutting down on handling of turning work that requires multiple operations.  Parts that would normally require two lathe operations and a mill operation, can be done all in one operation with our new DS-30.  This manufacturing flexibility gives our customers great confidence in our process capabilities.”

Tahoma Engineered Solutions specializes in a full-range of precision machining and formed wire products.  From large to small, and ferrous to exotic, TES serves flexible volume, custom applications where state of the art intersects with hand-made.  Complimenting TES product manufacturing is a process automation team specializing in customized machine design, construction and integration.  

Tahoma Engineered Solutions is a business unit of Wooster-based Tahoma Enterprises, which is a holding company formed for the purpose of finding, acquiring, and enhancing the value of companies through stronger financial and strategic management support.